Obama v. Romney

As we all know, tomorrow is election day. One man will become victorious in becoming the President of the United States.

The last election in 2008 I was still attending SIUC, and working at the Daily Egyptian. We got a few tips that people have started swarming the streets when Obama was announced the winner. It was a totally chaotic night, and well protected by the Carbondale police.

Here are two shots that I ended up with when I finally looked at my shoot at around 4am.

I don’t want to get into my political beliefs, but remember you have the right to vote (if you’re 18+, a legal citizen and registered), you can be the change you want to happen.

Water Pipe Problems

I came home from work yesterday to find that the main water line broke in front of our house. The crew abandoned watching Sunday football to fix this. To their, and our surprise once digging a giant hole, they decided they needed to cut our tree down in order to properly fix the pipe. What a Sunday funday.