Obama v. Romney

As we all know, tomorrow is election day. One man will become victorious in becoming the President of the United States.

The last election in 2008 I was still attending SIUC, and working at the Daily Egyptian. We got a few tips that people have started swarming the streets when Obama was announced the winner. It was a totally chaotic night, and well protected by the Carbondale police.

Here are two shots that I ended up with when I finally looked at my shoot at around 4am.

I don’t want to get into my political beliefs, but remember you have the right to vote (if you’re 18+, a legal citizen and registered), you can be the change you want to happen.

Some People Dislike NATO … and the Police

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Thousands of protesters gathered in Chicago on May 20, 2012 to join forces and be a voice against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The 2012 summit in Chicago is the first location in the United States to be held outside … Continue reading

SIU v. Purdue

The Salukis competed against the Boilermakers for the third matchup of the Fifth Annual Chicago Invitational Challenge. Purdue beat SIU 79-60.

This is the obnoxious fan that decided it was more important to heckle me and call me white trash than just enjoy the game. I really don’t understand some people. Thankfully security escorted them at halftime.

Illinois Election Night

Bruce Wallace, the Jackson County Republican Party Chairman gathers together signs that were displayed around the Murphysboro Event Center Tuesday night after the local elections were announced and most of the attendees left. Mark Kirk beat out Alexi Giannoulias for both the U.S. Senate full term and unexpired term, while at this time, Pat Quinn is winning the Governor spot by .2% with 97% of precincts reported.