Prep Football

Senior linebacker Blake Benzo practices drills with the rest of the defensive team prior to the opening season game against Montini Catholic High School.

The Pirate defensive team gathers prior to the season opener against Montini Catholic High School in Lombard.
Senior cheerleader Meghan Ellis and the rest of the cheer leading squad faces towards the American Flag for the National Anthem.
Palatine Pirates superfans toss baby powder into the air as part of tradition, right before the first kickoff of the season opening game.
Senior running back Andrew Pecson stumbles out of the line of players after getting his helmet ripped off in the first quarter of the game.
Junior running back John Serio gets tackled into the sidelines by Broncos defensive players in the second quarter.
Senior running back Andrew Pecson stretches his calf muscles on the sidelines of the opening season game against the Montini Broncos
Head coach Tyler Donnelly speaks to the team after the 26-21 loss to the Montini Broncos.