Obama v. Romney

As we all know, tomorrow is election day. One man will become victorious in becoming the President of the United States.

The last election in 2008 I was still attending SIUC, and working at the Daily Egyptian. We got a few tips that people have started swarming the streets when Obama was announced the winner. It was a totally chaotic night, and well protected by the Carbondale police.

Here are two shots that I ended up with when I finally looked at my shoot at around 4am.

I don’t want to get into my political beliefs, but remember you have the right to vote (if you’re 18+, a legal citizen and registered), you can be the change you want to happen.



Today there was an anti-coal demonstration where 10 or so people participated by holding signs and pretending to die to show the affects of using coal energy. The “die-in” was put on by the Environmental Coalition Monday at the Free Forum Area to show SIUC support by students and the community in research for a more sustainable energy solution according to Kim Rowan. “We want to stop the research on clean coal because that is an oxymoron,” Rowan said. Another demonstrator and member of the Environmental Coalition Michael Jakubowski said that the bell tower is the logo of the university to take away the attention of the coal plant, another tall building on campus. “If there’s anything I can do for the environment, it’s lay down on the ground and hold up a sign,” Rachel Breece said.


Southern Illinois took on Indiana State University Wednesday at the SIU Arena. The Salukis started off strong with a 12-0 lead until the Sycamores pulled in front with a sick dunk. The Salukis never could regain a lead and slipped behind for the rest of the game. The last minute of the game, SIU showed life with Carlton Fay putting away 3-pointers. That unfortunately was not enough to give the Salukis a W.

ESPN College Hoops Tipoff Marathon SIU v. Northeastern

The Salukis took on the Northeastern Huskies at 9a.m. for the ESPN 24 hours of college basketball series where the Salukis lost 63-62 in overtime due to a technical foul called on SIU for when Kendal Brown Surles motioned a timeout when there were none left.


This is a tradition in Saluki basketball, the fans in the Dawg Pound turn around and fling newspaper while the opposing team is announced at the start of the game.

Northeastern forward Kauri Black stretches his leg with a trainer after diving for the ball.

The Jesse White Tumblers provided the halftime entertainment.

SIU guard John Freeman reacts to a penalty call against him after being roughed to the floor.

A referee calls a timeout that Kendal Brown Surles motions while Mamadou Seck and Carlton Fay are tied up with a loose ball.

Fans react to the technical foul call.

Forward Carlton Fay reacts to the timeout called that resulted in a technical foul.

Forward Carlton Fay throws the ball across court with 2.5 seconds life in overtime in attempt to win the game. The ball was mishandled on the other side, thus giving Northeastern the win.